Antwerp Management school

Antwerp Management School is the autonomous management school of the University of Antwerp. Building on the long tradition of academic learning of its parent institution, this young and ambitious business school at the heart of Europe has already carved out an important place for itself on the international stage. Its AACSB and NVAO accreditation are evidence of the institution’s process of continuous improvement and its relentless ambition to achieve greater quality. Antwerp Management School’s growth and success are mainly driven by its passion for management and by its commitment to develop and promote (young) managerial talent. Antwerp Management School aims to prepare future managers for key roles in the global business community and passionately promotes entrepreneurship, leadership and professionalism. The Antwerp Management School responds to the 21st-century’s educational challenges: the increasing need of lifelong learning, the continuing internationalization of higher education and the maximum use of the educational possibilities that information and communication technology has in store. It is Antwerp Management School’ s mission to help our customers in creating sustainable value by cultivating talent to become Global Citizens, mastering the art of making decisions and leading people. We design and deliver Management Learning Programs : built upon a “state of the art” management knowledge anchored in a business & organizational context built upon a global citizenship mindset. Our mission is built upon 3 value pillars that permeate our curricula: self-awareness, a functional knowledge of self that forms a bedrock for cooperation on the path to success a thoroughgoing global perspective leading to ingenuity in finding appropriate solutions to problems and issues a societal consciousness, which is the route to sustainability in core economic processes – no longer a mere add-on, but a fundamental value for corporate life in today’s world. Our location in Antwerp plays an important role in supporting these efforts. Antwerp Management School’s close collaboration with the University of Antwerp’s Faculty of Applied Economics and Faculty of Political and Social Sciences enables it to offer an extensive range of high-quality development courses. The Antwerp Management School prides itself on the combination of academic and scientific excellence provided by its courses, which are tailored to real-life business practices. For more information,