Kurt Wang Lin - Director Sinnolabs

Kurt Wang Lin, has 10 years of experience in business development, investment and public relations in the technology and innovation sector in both China and abroad.

After years of study and work in Australia, he returned to Shanghai in 2011 and began his career as director for international strategic partnerships at Yangpu Sci-tech innovation group – the biggest tech investment/real estate company in one of the most innovative districts of Shanghai.

During this position, while helping the district to form and facilitate various business/governmental partnership with overseas organizations and governments, he set up and managed an innovation/tech accelerator, partnered with the Bay Area Council and California State Government:Yangpu-Bay Area Digitization Park, provided over 30 Chinese and American tech startups with necessary assistance and resources to grow.

In 2013 he started his own company, BT Investment Consulting with his US partner, with the mission to help Chinese companies and high net worth individuals to acquire private SMEs in the western US.

Kurt joined Sinnolabs in 2016 as director where he and the team select and introduce top-notch European technology companies and help them develop on the Chinese market. He is an advisor to CCUI (China Corporate United Investment Holding), helping the company with cross-border M&A deals in deal sourcing, business development, due diligence and negotiation.

Kurt is an expert in cross-border communication and business development. He has helped many international tech companies to find valuable contacts and resources in China. He is also closely connected with leading organizations in various sectors in the technology world as well as government agencies in Shanghai and major cities in the rest of China.