Prof. Dr. Steffi Weil, Professor & Academic Director at Antwerp Management
School & University of Antwerp

Steffi Weil is Professor at Antwerp Management School and the University of Antwerp. She has more than 15 years of professional experience in-and outside of academia. In her current positions as Academic Director of the executive PhD program and the China-Europe Master at the Antwerp Management School she combines her management experience with her academic credentials. In her role as professor she develops research activities on global political economy with a focus on China, and she conceptualizes and teaches the curriculum on international trade and politics.

In January 2014, she completed a joint PhD degree in International Relations / Political Economy at the Free University Brussels and Johann Wolfgang Goethe University(Frankfurt. The award of the PhD followed after two master degrees from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Germany and Bond University in Australia in the field of International Relations / China and International Politics in 2007.

Her research-led teaching experience is substantial in the fields of comparative studies, Asia and global political economy. In her capacity as a research fellow at BICCS, assistant professor at Vesalius College and Academic Director at Antwerp Management School, she has been entrusted with teaching and conceptualizing a broad range of multidisciplinary lectures in the field of international politics, international communication, lobbying and business. She has developed a curriculum on China politics, EU-China relations and EU-China lobbying.

As a result of her strong dedication to teaching excellence, she was appointed as a member of the Committee on Teaching Excellence and Innovation at Vesalius College. Along with her teaching duties, she very much enjoys supervising bachelor and postgraduate students with their master’s thesis and related research.

Her core research interests lies global political economy, China and lobbying. Her teaching experience highly benefits from interrelatedness and feedback between her research and teaching activities, in a mutually enriching fashion.